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 Island City Center (ICC) Bombay
  • Climate change has been a grave concern that initiated several debates in the last few years, yet not enough measures have been taken. Major changes occur with the ripple effect of small actions. Bombay Realty understands the importance of creating a sustainability development and has built Island City Center Dadar into a sustainable green development.

    While being awarded a Gold LEED certification, some prominent measures have been incorporated within the complex.

    Apartments Designed for a Healthy Lifestyle

    As aptly stated, "a healthy home nurtures a peaceful mind"; the 3 and 4 BHK luxury apartments at Island City Center have been equipped to make the inner living both comfortable & enjoyable.

    1. The High-performance glass facade of the towers reduces noise pollution and optimizes daylight. In addition to being energy efficient, it saves on power consumption significantly.
    2. To encourage the recycling practice among the residents, provisions are made for garbage segregation with an efficient disposal system.
    3. The water-efficient plumbing fittings installed in the apartment are high quality and corrosion-resistant with a longer shelf life.
    4. Firm measures are taken to ensure water conservation within the apartment. International sanitary and CP fittings have been installed to prevent leakages, clogged waterways, and durability.
    5. These 3 BHK luxury flats in Mumbai & 4 BHK luxury flats in Mumbai have installed VRV for air conditioning (CFC free) to provide filtered air. Thus, ensuring efficiency in energy conservation.

    Implementing Modern Technology for a Future-Ready Complex

    1. The spacious parking spots in this luxury residential property have motion sensor-driven lighting in order to avoid power wastage.
    2. Apart from this, with electric cars gaining popularity, 130 electrical charging outlets are being provided on the parking floors. This is not only convenient for residents but also helps in energy conservation.
    3. Designated Bicycle Parking is created to encourage and use of Bi cycles resulting in reduction of Pollution and serve as an alternative transportation system.

    Sustainable Measures Implemented Throughout the Complex

    1. The lounge area, lobby, and reception areas of Island City Center Dadar are planned using state-of-the-art designs that capture the luxurious essence of the complex. To optimize the experience, LED lights are installed for longevity, energy efficiency, low voltage operation as well as resisting heat or UV emissions improving the overall environmental performance.
    2. As expected from premium residential projects in Mumbai, the premises of Island City Center are sketched with enthralling green landscapes and various plantations. In order to maintain the greenery & beauty of the development, recyclable water is used to water maintain them.
    3. A Rainwater Harvesting System is installed within the complex for maximizing the storage of rain water.
    4. Drip Irrigation System – This piping system is laid in landscape area which helps in reducing or wastage of water.

    Making the Construction Process More Environment-Friendly

    1. The major contributing factor to air pollution is large-scale construction sites. To prevent such hazards, fly ash was used in the construction of both towers that are the iconic Bombay Realty Properties in Dadar.
    2. Also, the soil used during the construction was conserved by implementing preventive measures against soil erosion and soil depletion due to water and wind damage.

    Island City Center being one of the luxury projects in Mumbai, Bombay Realty has facilitated a significant step towards making it an eco-friendly space. Thus making them one of the most environment conscience realtors among the real estate developers in Mumbai.

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